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"V.S. Holmes’s “Drifters” is a must-read sci-fi adventure." So honored to have the incredible Anthony Avina gush about Drifters! You can read the full review on his blog.

"A fantastic elevation of the first book, this sequel really delves into Nel as a hero as she must fight for her very survival. Still reeling from the loss of a beloved friend and uncertain whom she can truly trust, Nel is thrust into a situation that forces her to quickly learn to trust and lean on others."
<![CDATA[Alternate Afterlives with Kieva Mclaughlin]]>Sat, 20 Feb 2021 15:11:51 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/alternate-afterlives-with-kieva-mclaughlinI was joined by Urban Fantasy author Kieva Mclaughlin explore the alternate afterlives in her book TORPOR, how the pandemic inspired her to take the writing plunge, and how to balance marketing strategies. Plus we discussed the root of writer's block and how much fun it is to explore our secret favorite characters!
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Had a fantastic time on the DIY Writer Podcast chatting about Nel and archaeology! It was great to get into the science behind the Stars Edge series. (despite the fact that this was recorded during the coup!) Thanks for having me, and can't wait to talk again soon.

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This is so exciting! My friend and fellow author, Ariele Sieling reached out to me at the beginning of February with this incredible opportunity: to send our work to the moon! Yep, you read that right.

​Susan K Quinn is a scientist-turned-author who bought a slot on the Peregrine Moon Lander mission with an SD card. She's allowed other authors to sign up and together we're creating a little time-capsule-meets-creative anthology! You can read more about the mission on Susan's site, and check out what I included below.
V. S. Holmes is a science fiction and fantasy author who created the NEL BENTLY BOOKS and the BLOOD OF TITANS series, among others. They were born to Priscilla Bannister and David Voorhis circa 1989 in the United States of America. As a disabled and nonbinary transgender human, they advocate for representation in speculative fiction worlds. When not writing, they work as an archaeologist with their spouse, Bradley Kirby and their dog, Rory. 
Included is a photo of V’s father, who was a pilot and shared a deep love and spiritual connection to space, and an excerpt from Travelers, the first of V’s Stars Edge: Nel Bently Books, an archaeological sci-fi series about where we come from, and where we’re going.
Mere Primordium

My eyes flick open; closed; open.
Rough rock in the dark, dark so dark you can taste it.
The breath of the rising water kisses my shoulders.
Clear membranes slide over golden irises.
Nostrils seal, throat-flap flips over trachea .
Waves warmer than the cold, stale air close over my head, 
contour over skin.
I push out of the dark cave-warren into the heated blue waters.
The fronds of pale-green plants rise on spindly stalks 
that would never stand above this world.
They soar metres towards the surface, kilometres even.
I glide further down, the water grows cool, 
the hiss and pop of bubbles rising to the surface,
trickling from the stones to the right, 
the sound of pebbles shifting echoing around me.
The rough brown rocks below me look like cityscapes
from a future time and place, their curls and ledges mounting
above the black of sand even further ahead.
I go deeper, my undulating feet moving me steadily down, 
pressure pushing against the membranes of my inner ears. 
I dive away from the lancing blue light of the sun I have never seen.
I reach the black sands and move out, 
particles of volcanic rock scraping harmlessly against my belly.
I leave the fronds, the caves, the rock fields behind me,
gliding out into the icy dark, only the deep blue-black ahead.


As a rule, Nel didn’t often join the crew on their various excursions, whether they were drinking, eating, or swimming. She was good at faking, but at the end of the day, she wasn’t a people person. 
“I prefer my people buried bones.” The words crackled in the perfect loneliness of the night.
She thrust her hands into her pockets and trudged down the road towards the ocean. She perched on a rock to unlace her boots. The coarse sand felt smooth under her rough feet, and within a minute her clothes were a forgotten pile. The Pacific was cold for only a moment, the discomfort erased by a laughing yelp. Salt water lifted her, echoing the weightlessness of space, the buoyancy before birth. 
Her eyes found the Southern Cross in the sky, and she struck out, arms propelling her into colder, deeper waters. We might need our roots, but only as reminders. It was a leap that brought humans to the Americas—across Beringia, across the Atlantic and Pacific. It will be a leap that carries us to Mars, to other as yet unnamed worlds. She flipped onto her back, swimming a tiny metaphor for the belief twisted deep in her heart. Humans were explorers, right down to the base of whatever they called a soul.
David Gerow Voorhis
December 30, 1943 - October 15, 2019
David was a beautifully complicated and quiet man, who embodied kindness and exploration. "Good hands" are the words to describe a good pilot; David had good hands and a good heart. 
<![CDATA[Digging into Nel with Hannah Baller]]>Sun, 31 Jan 2021 15:44:50 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/digging-into-nel-with-hannah-baller
Yesterday I sat down with Hannah Baller, of the amazing Instagram account and blog, The Writings of Hannah. We dug into what makes Nel and Lin tick, how they're drawn to one another, despite their very different backgrounds, and a few hints about what might be in store for them! 
We also are hosting a giveaway! The details are in the vid, but you can win one of two amazing prizes: a paperback of Travelers, or a digital box set of the first three books in the series!

<![CDATA[Intimacy of Death and Grieving with Jennifer Anne Gordon]]>Sun, 24 Jan 2021 16:09:55 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/intimacy-of-death-and-grieving-with-jennifer-anne-gordon
Horror author Jennifer Anne Gordon and I explore the honestly of self we experience while grieving, and how she showcases this altered reality through the language in her novels. Plus, we touch on the dichotomy of being cheerfully death-obsessed and how she showcases mistakes on her own podcast. 


<![CDATA[What 2020 Taught Me: Reader's Entertainment Magazine]]>Tue, 19 Jan 2021 21:09:15 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/what-2020-taught-me-readers-entertainment-magazine
Excited to share my post in Reader's Entertainment Magazine about what 2020 taught me! "This year was a wild ride. I don’t think many will come out of 2020 the same as they came in. I know I won’t. I lost a lot this year, lost a lot in the past four years, honestly–being disabled and queer without healthcare isn’t easy on the best days, even for someone as privileged as I am. So, what did this chaotic, raw year teach me?"

<![CDATA[Reworking Werewolves with Mark Leslie]]>Wed, 13 Jan 2021 08:00:00 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/reworking-werewolves-with-mark-leslie
​Urban fantasy and horror author Mark Leslie joins V on the podcast to discuss how he turns the alpha wolf trope on its head, the science behind his pack dynamics, and the bone-chilling story that made a horror writer sleep with the lights on!

<![CDATA[A Decadent Darkness]]>Sun, 03 Jan 2021 18:12:55 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/a-decadent-darkness
A Dowry of Blood, by author and theologian, S. T. Gibson is an atmospheric and brutal revisiting of Dracula. Epistolary, Dowry is relayed in decadent, lyrical prose as Constanta, the first of Dracula’s brides, exhumes her tumultuous relationship with her husband, her immortality, and her faith. Each wife and husband they add to their family brings a new understanding to the already intricate relationship. As Constanta explores her inner and outer worlds, we’re treated to glimpses of history--plague, revolution, and industrialization--as vibrant as they are fleeting. This choice mirrors perfectly how our mortal world is viewed by the immortal predators who walk, not through it, but on its outskirts. 

Dowry was the perfect taste of darkness in a year that could not be sugar-coated. We are treated to a story of vengeance and despair as much as romance and lust, and Gibson crafts each facet with precision. It was an achingly honest depiction of the altered state living with an abuser becomes, and the myriad threads one uses to manipulate and control their victims. This was my first bite of Gibson’s writing and I can safely say I can’t wait to devour the rest of her work and all its blood, faith, and passion. 

Recommended to readers who don’t run from the darkness, but welcome it with open arms. 
5 out of 5 stars!