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The news is out! This summer I joined forces with the incredible Stone Blade Entertainment team to work on world-building, lore, and original characters--as well as some more secrets yet to be shared! Working with these amazing folks has been so much fun, and this is an awesome world I can't wait to share will all of you. I've already cracked open my own deck a few weeks before launch and I'm having so much fun playing in a world I helped flesh out. If you pop over to my Instagram you might catch a glimpse of my favorites!

Want to know more? Check out the details below and grab a deck of your own. See you on the battlefield!​

SolForge Fusion is a hybrid deck game from the creators of Magic: The Gathering and Ascension Deck Building Game.

Algorithmically-generated half-decks uniquely printed just for you. Fuse your decks together and explore an endless array of strategies. Level up your cards and overwhelm your foes!

With tens of thousands of possible cards in the first set alone, part of the fun of SolForge is collecting unique decks and sharing them with the community! Each deck comes with a unique QR code you can use to scan and add that deck into your online collection. Decks in your collection can be used to register for tournaments and other community events.

Join in on the fun and scan your deck today!

<![CDATA[Explore 200 Sci-Fi Worlds!]]>Fri, 06 May 2022 12:47:09 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/explore-200-sci-fi-worlds
I'm so excited to share I've partnered with Other Worlds Ink to curate its first StoryBundle – Explore 200 Sci-Fi Worlds! We’ve included fifteen sci-fi anthologies and collections showcasing 139 authors and more than 200 individual stories. It’s only available for a limited time – from May 4th to May 26th. This StoryBundle offers a large selection of ebooks from independent and small press fantasy writers. 

This StoryBundle features a wide variety of themes – fighting climate change, exploring the far reaches of the galaxy, future crime, hopepunk, sci-fi zombies, space marines, exosapiens, LGBTQ+ heroes, and so much more. With 139 authors, chances are that you’ll find some new writers to love.

SFWA StoryBundles are curated collections of ebooks offered at a steeply discounted price. Readers who purchase Explore 200 Sci-Fi Worlds will gain a rich collection of sci-fi short story fiction, and can opt to donate part of their purchase price to support SFWA’s new Heritage Author Republication Program (HARP), aimed to help elder and disabled authors get their books back into print.

Readers may choose what price they want to pay for the initial four books, starting at $5. Spending $20 unlocks eleven more books that they can receive with their purchase.

Core Bundle
Escape Vector
Shout Kill Revel Repeat
Tangents & Tachyons
The Way of the Laser

Bonus Books
A Metal Box Floating Between Stars and Other Stories
Beamed Up
Fix the World
In Harm's Way
Into the Black
Lost Signals
Mirror Shards
Once Upon a Star
The Future Will Be Written by Robots
Transcendent 4

Once May 26th passes, this particular collection will be gone forever, so grab it now!

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<![CDATA[Heretics Wins Silver at Global Book Awards!]]>Sat, 16 Apr 2022 13:16:06 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/heretics-wins-silver-at-global-book-awards
I'm thrilled to share today that, out of hundreds of nominees, Heretics (Stars Edge: Nel Bently 4) took home the silver medal in hard science fiction at this year's Global Book Awards! It's hard in this journey to remember why we do this, why we write, why we eviscerate our deepest thoughts before the masses. I've been in a tough slump, writing-wise. I think about Nel and her story a lot, but find it so hard to put those thoughts and feelings on to the page. 

Days like this, however, when her darkest moments, my darkest moments, are seen and appreciated, make all the difference. 

A huge thank you goes out to my wonderful readers, friends, the team of editors, designers, and marketers who make these moments possible. A special thanks, too, to Creative Edge for always having my back!

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<![CDATA[smart but heartfelt, full of profound ideas]]>Tue, 22 Feb 2022 13:30:00 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/smart-but-heartfelt-full-of-profound-ideas
Focusing on the humanity of worlds--whether fantastical, futuristic, or our own, is something that's always been very important to me. I'm so grateful that The Reviewer understands how important it is to remember the roots of SFF!

​"V. S. Holmes's storytelling is what good science fiction should be: smart but heartfelt, full of profound ideas delivered with a sense of humanity. Travelers is engaging precisely because it is about something all of us have experienced: That moment when you grow up enough to realize that the universe is more wondrous―and dangerous than you could ever have imagined. Lovers of character-focused sci-fi will find plenty to enjoy in this gripping alternate science fiction adventure book."

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<![CDATA["Deep, solid, gripping, heart warming, heart-breaking"]]>Thu, 17 Feb 2022 13:10:12 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/deep-solid-gripping-heart-warming-heart-breaking
I am so, so honored when I get reviews like this one from Scribble's Worth. Writing Nel's journey always has its ups and downs, and I worry sometimes whether her temperamental, hard-headed personality will strike its mark. Huge thank you to the reviewers at Scribble's Worth and to Creative Edge for connecting us!

"A razor-sharp story where our MC runs, barefoot on top of the blade. Excellently told, as we can feel every emotion, every droplet of panic on the dangerous scenes in the book!

This book is AWESOME! One of those you can’t turn your eyes away from. *Claps*. Mysterious characters that we know already but somehow are completely new, love stories, heartbreak, exes, chase, bullets, wounds and infection, rotten meat, the FBI and… sexy aliens. HA! Original in so many ways. Deep, solid, gripping, heart warming, heart-breaking and with "steamy doses of lesbian sex. Oh, and curses. Lots of curses. What is there not to love?!"

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<![CDATA[Journey to the Future]]>Sun, 30 Jan 2022 15:00:00 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/journey-to-the-future
​I know you love reading fantasy and science fiction as much as me. Well, look no further! You can grab your next favorite read below with this fun Journey to the Future Collection, featuring SFF titles where the main character transforms or drastically changes. Plus, you can WIN 50 Amazon Fantasy Bestsellers!
Ends Feb. 15th!
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<![CDATA[LIVE at the Writer's Corner]]>Sat, 29 Jan 2022 15:00:00 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/live-at-the-writers-corner
Missed my live chat with the lovely Bridgetti of the Writer's Corner LIVE show? You can catch the recording here! We spoke about my Publisher's Weekly review, why the next Nel book is my favorite, and what it was like to write a "pandemic book." Plus, you'll hear an excerpt of Heretics!

<![CDATA[Tales of the 2SLGBTQ+]]>Wed, 26 Jan 2022 14:20:26 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/tales-of-the-2slgbtq
It's finally here! I spoke with Douglas of the Tales of the 2SLGBTQ+ podcast about archaeology, writing Nel's world, and how TRAVELERS ended up on the Moon. You can tune into the awesome chat via YouTube (below) or via your favorite podcast streaming service. 

<![CDATA[Moving Day Sale!]]>Mon, 24 Jan 2022 17:00:00 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/moving-day-sale
Exciting news: we're moving! We're finally expanding to something a bit bigger than our tiny studio apartment and are so, so looking forward to getting to know a new community in southern MA.

To that end, I have several signed paperbacks that I'd love to send out, rather than pack up and move with all my copious amounts of other books.

You can get 15% off any of my signed paperbacks via the Amphibian Press store through the first week in February! 

<![CDATA[My Favorite Tropes on the Midweek Drive]]>Sat, 22 Jan 2022 16:44:21 GMThttp://vsholmes.com/news/my-favorite-tropes-on-the-midweek-drive
It's always a blast stopping by UK's Midweek Drive, and today was no different. Had so much fun discussing Heretics, archaeology, and my favorite (and least favorite!) sci-fi tropes. You can tune in at the link below!

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